Bonded in Bourbon Podcast

a whiskey review podcast from a his and her perspective



She drinks Bourbon,
He drinks Scotch…

…or at least that’s what they were drinking when they originally met and started sharing their personal love affairs with whiskey… Now Samara Rivers and Armond Davis drink it all and love drinking it together. Surprisingly, their palates are completely different, and indicative of their quirky personalities.

Armond is the more laid back of the two and prefers mellow and smooth whiskies. His favorite flavor notes are vanilla and caramel with soft touches of honey and fruit. Samara is just the opposite: bold, colorful, and full of energy. She loves high proof whiskies with bold aromas and complex flavors. They both like matured whiskies that have an impressionable finish that doesn’t offend and invites you back for more.

Armond and Samara are both Stave & Thief Society Executive Bourbon Stewards and are partners in life and in business. Samara is the CEO of Samara Rivers Events and Black Bourbon Society. Armond is the CEO of Paragon Construction Group and Managing Partner of Paragon Real Estate Partners. Bonded in Bourbon and Beaux&Zel Productions are their most recent joint ventures in partnership with the ABV Network. They also manage Monarch Global, a business development and marketing consulting agency for up and coming brands in the spirits industry.